Satin vs. Sequin

I really feel like you’re either a satin or a sequin girl. Sometimes sequins can be too much, or satin could just not be enough. Either way, ISAW is full of both. So think of your next occasion and decide what you’re feeling. Here’s some of my favourites from the site!

Satin instantly turns any plain outfit into luxury. Pair any of these tops with a pair of jeans and some heeled boots and you’re good to go for any occasion involved the squad and cocktails. Satin dresses are hugely flattering, I’d definitely opt for a mini dress with a satin pattern on. I’m a dark colours girl so any dark clothing I will definitely love. Try any of these out and see which you prefer!


There’s no question about it, sequins are a show stopper. Prepare for all eyes to be on you if you wear any of these outfits! These are some faves I’ve spotted on site. I love trousers so the pink co-ord is a dream, especially if you’re not 100% on showing leg. You could definitely wear these to the club, a special occasion, NYE and your work's Christmas party.


So the winner is…

YOU! Because you get to shop and style both knowing you can pull off either one! Shop satin and sequin now! ✨

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