Self Care Sundays

A Sunday of self-care is the foundation to a fabulous week ahead. The pre-Monday must have session will prepare you to be on form and looking like you’ve just spent two weeks in Bali. This is the day of self-care and personal TLC time. Whether you’re alone or with your bestie - grab that pen and take note of how to make the most of your Sundays.

1. Set the Vibe

Usually Sunday self-care takes place in the evening, however if you want this to be a whole day event, go for it gal! We are always up for a pyjama day. Ok, so you are about to transform your bedroom into a tranquil temple of love and good energy. Light up your fav candles (scented if you have them) and turn on those fairy lights. Your body will automatically sense that it’s evening and turn into relaxation mode. Slip into some comfies and you’re good to go! If you have a relaxing playlist put that on to get you in the mood or switch on your fav Netflix binge series.

2. What’s in your Face-drobe

Face-drobe: Wardrobe for your face!

What you will need: masks, creams, serums, toners and scrubs (basically anything that goes on your face) Get it all out sis! Find that face mask you’ve been dying to use and set up your products to make it easier, so you don’t miss a step. Indulge and pamper your face till you feel 10 years younger and brighter.

Top Tip: Wearing a facemask whilst you’re in the bath will allow the product to go deeper into your skin as your pores will be open from the steam, making it work wonders!

3. Snacks and snuggles

After all that hard work, it’s time for a lil treat. What’s a Sunday without some snacks and maybe a cheeky Deliveroo… Grab that remote and sit yourself down on your couch because you won’t be leaving till you drift asleep.

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