SS20 Trends: What To Wear

Spring is finally springing and we could not be more buzzing! It’s starting to get brighter at night and although it’s still freezing pretty much all day it’s still giving us a little bit of hope that summer is coming up sooner than we think! It’s time for a spring refresh. Think less about how many layers you’re going to have to put on tomorrow and more about what your new spring wardrobe is going to contain. Being amongst Fashion Week season, we’ve quickly learnt what the top trends are going to be for 2020.

Tailoring is a huge trend. It comes back every year and there’s always something slightly different. You can never go wrong with traditional tailoring, but this year it’s time to shake it up. When you think tailoring - don’t just think blazer and smart pants. 2020 is breaking rules, so here are 4 styles from ISAW that are bang on trend. This pin stripe co-ord suit defies all laws about tailoring with the cropped blazer and flares, and the balloon sleeves on the gingham dress add extra detail and just looks amazing!


Leather is easily one of the sexiest textures on clothes. Upgrading from jeans to leather trousers instantly changes up an outfit, and a leather top shows attitude.Here’s my top 4 picks from our new in leather right now. Belted jackets and blazers are coming round and these are exactly what you need. Why not also completely mix up your wardrobe with a pop of yellow in the form of a leather skirt? A little colour never hurt anyone!


Spring brings a new wave of tops for 2020. This year it’s all about bralets! Wearing undergarments and lingerie as going out tops has become the new craze and we cannot get enough. Pair any of these bralets with an oversized blazer and some mom jeans and you’ve found your perfect outfit for drinks on a Saturday or an afternoon of shopping. If you’re feeling extra, bring this diamante tassel bralet on your next holiday destination and you’re guaranteed to sparkle even at the night time parties.


Keeping it simple is the best way sometimes. A few products can have just as much impact as loads, so stick to a few key pieces you love and know suits you and you’re good to go! Picking neutral colours also means they’ll go with more things and you can afford to go crazy with different coloured accessories and jewellery! This oversized shirt will go with just about any trousers - jeans, gym leggings or cycle shorts. The wide leg trousers are super comfy, and the two tops will be your new signature basics that you can pair with anything for a minimal effortless look.


Corsets are super sexy and make you feel like you’re wearing something lingerie-like.They give you structure and show off your chest and neckline so well, so why not get your wardrobe stocked up for Spring/Summer?! This coral is the perfect colour to wear with an all black outfit for that extra pop. There’s a corset for every kind of personality, whether you’re a leather girl or a diamante girl, there’s one that’s gonna make you look so on trend!


Mesh for spring/summer just makes sense. It’s covering you up but still showing a little something underneath, which is perfect for the warm days but cooler nights coming up fast! Mesh is especially good for date night, or a summer party - it all depends on the style. This dragon bodysuit is perfect for a day rave with your best pals. The sheer leopard print dress and white mesh sleeve dress will both look amazing for those summer nights out, and you can never go wrong with a puff sleeve!


Cardigans are THE thing to have this Spring. The weather’s all confusing and you still wanna be comfortable whatever you’re doing. Cardigans are perfect for transitional dressing - throw on a floor length cardigan over some baggy jeans and a crop top for that effortless yet flawless look. A balloon sleeve ANYTHING always adds the extra detail, and a cosy knitted cardigan will give you ultimate comfort vibes all day long! Neutrals are huge for spring, so make sure you’ve got one in every colour!


Having some pastel products will refresh your wardrobe ahead of the warmer months. Even if you still insist on having your outfit all black (literally me), having a pop of light pink or sage will brighten it up just the right amount. This oversized hoodie would be perfect with some light blue jeans. This co-ord is brand new in and we cannot get enough. The colours are so soft and girly, perfect for a summer house party, even if you wore them separately. The mesh letter top would look great under a blazer too.


Now you’re filled in, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe to new colours, textures and styles so you’re prepped ahead of the new season. Think transitional pieces, things you can bring forward from last year and what newness you need. Don’t forget, if you’re done with your old clothes, there’s so many options on what to do with them! We’ve written a blog on how to be more sustainable which you can find here!

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