Staying In On The Weekend: Winter Edition

The nights are getting colder and when the days feel pretty much over by 2pm, it’s hard to find motivation to commit to plans at night. Especially when you get home from work/uni, see your bed and wanna just immediately get in it and never get out. You definitely shouldn’t feel guilty for staying in, and what’s more - there’s loads to do that don’t involve stepping one foot out the front door. Stay cosy and warm with this ultimate guide to staying in when it’s nose-numbingly cold outside!

Netflix Night
One of the best things to do when you’re having a night in is binge watch your fave TV shows or stick on a film you’ve been meaning to watch for ages. Netflix is jam packed with so many series to watch. My recommendations? Stranger Things and Top Boy for series. As for films, I reckon The Grinch, The Other Woman, Limitless, Eli, and Orphan. Got a mix of everything in there. End the night by sticking on something you don’t mind falling asleep to, put your phone on silent and drift off peacefully knowing you’re not going to wake up with a killer hangover.

Get The Squad Over
You don’t have to be going out to see your mates. If one of you has a free house, invite the rest over for a film night or for some wine and gossip. Having a natter with your pals about pointless stuff always lasts way longer than you expected and before you know it you’ll all be 4 glasses deep and probably wanting to go out (which is fine!) Remember, fun in moderation! Think of it like you’re giving your bank account a night off, only spending money on a bottle of wine and some snacks.

Order A Takeaway
Get on the UberEats / Dominos app and get yourself a takeaway. The best part is, whatever you don’t finish, you can just eat the next morning (gross but soooo good). You’ve been strict this week (ish), so treat yourself when it gets to the weekend and spend a ridiculous amount of money on an impulse delivery that you’ll most likely regret when it comes to spending money on stuff you actually need.

Pamper Yourself
If you’re not going out, use this weekend as an excuse to completely reset your skin and get rid of that tan you probably should’ve washed off on Wednesday. Have a long shower, put your go-to playlist on and give your skin a good exfoliating, shave your legs and deep condition your hair. Put your moisturiser on an inch thick when you get out, stick on a face mask and repaint your nails. When you get into bed, you’ll be all soft and clean - no better feeling!

Bedroom Makeover
This probably isn’t for everyone, but if you’re like me and you love tidying and organising, this is so fun to do! Start by going through your drawers and throwing away anything you don’t use - be brutal or this won’t work effectively. Any clothes you don’t want, donate through the ReGAIN app. Clean your makeup brushes, print some of your fave pics to hang up in your room, reorganise things so everything you use on a daily basis is somewhere handy, hang up your clothes you wear frequently and fold the clothes you don’t. Hoover, dust and put fresh bedding on. Put up Christmas decorations. Move your room around so your furniture is in a different place, this is always something I loved doing when I was small! It makes a change from what you’re used to and can make you feel like you’re having a fresh start.

Plan Your Christmas Presents
A productive way to spend your time would be to start writing a list of everyone you need to buy Christmas presents for and some ideas of what you might get them. Doing a secret santa amongst your friends and family is a really fun idea and you might end up getting someone you wouldn’t usually buy anything for! Start looking online for some good deals, especially now Black Friday is round the corner. Something personalised is always a thoughtful idea, printing a photo album or getting a scrapbook together of your best memories with someone. If you’re feeling super organised, add on spending limits and budgets so you know how much you plan to spend (and how much you’ll have left over to treat yourself!)

Start A Journal
A good step to self-love and self-progression is to start a journal. It could be filled with anything you want, but here are some examples to guide you: to-do lists, a bucket list, 10 things you’re grateful for, 3 good things that happened to you today, a diary, 5 changes to your life to make yourself happier, one thing you achieved today, self-care ideas (e.g. moisturising every night, drink enough water, one random act of kindness a day), a 5-year plan and where you want to be this time next year. Google self-care journal ideas for more ideas. Once you get into the habit of writing in it regularly, you’ll feel so productive. Plus it’s a nice thing to look back on as the months go forward, a good way to reflect and to see how far you’ve come.

Treat Yourself Online
Retail therapy is REAL and sometimes i’ve had the best Friday nights lying in bed on my laptop browsing New In and adding clothes to my shopping cart while listening to my favourite songs. Right now, I’m constantly searching for coats and jackets, basically anything that will add an extra layer (while still looking on point). Also winter boots and warm going out outfits! Remember, if you’re buying new clothes, have a look through your wardrobe to see if you can also donate some old ones you may be replacing! To check out our coats and jackets, click here. If you wanna browse our boots, just click here!

Surf Pinterest
If you didn’t know, at ISAW we love Pinterest! If you don’t have an account, you need to get one now. Pinterest is not just about aesthetics. It’s filled with inspiration, how-to’s, DIY and everything in between. You can create boards specific to different things like outfit inspo, makeup ideas, city breaks, motivational quotes and daily star sign updates. If you’re struggling for some inspo, check out our Pinterest here! You’ll be surprised just how addictive it actually becomes, especially when you have the app on your phone and next thing you know it’s 1am and you know how to build an entire dolls house out of pasta.

Hope this has given you some major inspiration for staying in, it’s definitely a great excuse to save money and save yourself from the hangover from hell! Recharge your batteries, focus on yourself and get in a positive mindset for the week ahead 🤩

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