The Christmas Presents You Wanted When You Were 8

The most hideous lip gloss which doubled as an eyeshadow!

We all became mini MUA’s on christmas day. As young, fashion driven girls, there was nothing better than opening that stocking and finding a roll on, sickly sweet smelling lip gloss. The best part about these little bottles of magic? They double as eye shadow, and perfume. We even rubbed them on our cheeks before highlight was cool.


Because as if we didn’t have enough responsibility at christmas as a young girl, we needed the added pressure of keeping a tiny virtual animal (?) alive. Although we could never keep them alive for more than 24hrs at a time, it taught us a valuable life lesson - that pretty virtual egg pets do, infact need more than to be fed and watered every 10 hours.

Ugg Boots and Heelys

The era of ankle breaking shoes. What a time to be alive. Why on earth we wanted the death trap that are a pair of heelys, we will never know. Were we really in such a rush that our trainers needed heels? And yes we managed to match ugg boots with everything but realistically they offered no foot support or warmth (we’d still totally ask for a pair at this age though)

Invisible Ink Diary

Voice activated too, and a plastic lock - for no good reason.

Seriously, what secrets were we trying to hide here? Oh to bring back the days of our parents buying us a bullet proof diary. These were perfect for write our crushes name in invisible ink, only to have a new one a week later. Nowadays we can hardly come up with a password more inventive than ‘Wine12345’



Clothes - Anything Glittery

And tbh, nothing has changed our go to for Christmas party dresses always has been and always will be something with sequins because when else in the year can you wear them with sheer confidence? (We bet you wore them with leg warmers too)


Was there anything better than when the Disney channel logo would start to have snow on it? The girls from Disney were the one and only place to find fashion inspo, and ever year we’d be convinced we could pull off a hat like Miley or Selena - we couldn’t then and we still cant…. You bet we’ll be buying a baker boy hat again this year though!


Nintendo / Nintendogs

The only reason our parents really bought us this is because we wouldnt say a word for the rest of the school holidays. Our worlds would be consumed for approximately 2 weeks ensuring that Lola, the imaginary labradoodle pup smashed her agility test. Oh to go back to simpler times.

Giant Pink Teddy

As the generation that invented the floordrobe, we obv needed a giant structure to hide all of our clothes behind, and under. Solution = giant, pink teddy that had a very creepy face looking back. To be fair now as a grown up with no significant other, these giant teddys look as though they’d make excellent spooning partners. Brb, calling santa.











What presents did you ask for at 8 years old? Let us know over on our twitter;

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