Throwback Thursday: Childhood Trends

Throwback Thursday- Childhood trends

Time flies; one minute you’re playing with your Polly Pockets and with a blink of your eyes suddenly, you're an adult. If you're a 90's kid (or early 2000’s), these 10 childhood trends will definitely give you some MAJOR throwback vibes:

1) Tamagotchi’s

Remember when you BEGGED your mum to get you one of these little eggs?

Or when school banned them and there were REAL tears when you got home from school and your tamagotchi had died? RIP.

2) Stick-on earrings

Was anyone else’s parent super strict about getting their ears pierced? It can’t have been just ours?! Not to worry though, Claire’s Accessories always came THRU with their stick-on earrings.

3) Blue Mascara

Can you believe we left the house with BLUE eyelashes?? What were we thinking…

4) Inflatable chairs

Saving up all your pocket money to buy one of these really uncomfortable, never fully blown up, pink plastic chairs from Argos. You couldn’t wait to have a sleepover just so you could show it off to your friends.

5) Dolphin Jewellery

Guaranteed every one of you who went on holiday came back with one of these. If your best friend was lucky you might even bring them one back.

6) Mood rings

Because how else would we know how we were feeling?

7) Shag Bands

Who remembers the Shag Band code? Depending on the colour if someone snapped one of your bands you would have to do the task ranging from yellow, which was a hug to black which was well...

8) Magic Pen set

OMG! Remember those 2 minute long ads of people drawing with these AMAZE pens? Being SO mind blown that a pen can do that! Where did they go? Can you still buy them now? Were they really magic?? We have so many questions.

9) Playing M.A.S.H

Turns out you didn’t marry Josh is a green wedding dress before having 17 kids and all living in a shed? Guess there’s still time!

10) Can body sprays

Drenching yourself in Charlie or Impulse in between classes. You could smell us a mile off but SO…?

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