Top 10 Valentine's Accessories You Need

You’ve got the outfit but now all you need is some accessories to finish off the look. With so many to choose from it’s hard to stay focused, so look no further than this blog to sort you out with our top 10 accessories on site right now that will top off your Valentine’s Day look perfectly!


Make sure you have something crystal related in your possession. Crystals, as we all know, give off good vibes always. Wear these on your first date for good energy and luck! Patterned tights are bang on trend, so get yourself some of these and pair with a black dress and black mules for a mysterious sultry look.


Opt for this super cute necklace very appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Or have a Blair Waldorf moment in this absolutely amazing diamante headband made for a queen (i.e. you). Pair this headband with a black blazer and leather trousers for a regal yet chic vibe.


Heart shaped accessories always make you look super girly and cute. Take this heart padlock necklace or red heart shoulder bag this Valentine’s Day for a super cheesy approach to the special day. The necklace will give a serious sparkle to a more casual outfit, and the bag will bring some colour to a dark outfit.


Get some earrings as extra as you with these gem drop hoop earrings. They’re the main event so wear a plain bodysuit and a denim jacket with these. A pouch bag is different to any other bag and with this diamante detail, you’ll deffo want to have it as a staple accessory!


Hair clips can really accentuate any hairstyle. Slide one in for an asymmetrical look when you go for your day date. Add a studded belt to level up a simple outfit, especially if you’re an edgy girl with an attitude!

So there it is, a roundup of our best accessories for your perfect Valentine's Day! 💕

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