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Unless you've been living under a rock, then you'll know that tie dye is a huge trend at the moment and we're obsessed! What better excuse than to get creative during lockdown and tie-dye your own pieces! Rebecca Louise has put together a little tutorial for you to follow while in lockdown.

1. Soak the clothing you wish to tie dye in lukewarm water for 1-3 minutes.

2. Leave to dry until slightly damp or pop in the washing machine on 'Rinse and Spin' to get rid of any excess water.

3. Prepare work area and use a water proof sheet or bin bag to prevent any unwanted stains.

4. Gather your fabric in any way you like depending on the look you desire.

5. Secure in place with elastic bands before dying.

6. Add water to your dye, give it a good shake and pop your gloves on ready to go!

7. Begin applying dye onto your clothing. The way you do this is your choice but I don't personally cover all the fabric in dye as I want this look to blend.

8. Pop your clothing into a plastic bag to dry and keep safe from staining anywhere. For pastel look leave for 4-5 hours and for more pigmented look 6-8.

9. When that's done, rinse in cold water until excess dye is out. Wash your hands immediately after or wear gloves during this process.

10. Pop in the washing machine on cold, dry and there you have it!


Have fun getting creative!

You can watch the full IGTV tutorial here.

If tie-dying isn't for you, then you can shop our fave tie-dye pieces below!

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