Turning negative vibes into positive power

We would love for all our babes to walk on the bright side of life, so we have put together three simple top tips for you girls to follow which will help keep you in a positive mindset, even on your down days!


1. Begin each day with a positive affirmation

We suggest that to start your day right you should give yourself a small pep talk when you wake up and tell yourself, “Today is going to be a fab day!”. Setting your mood right in the morning will most likely help the rest of your your day flow nice and smoothly. So, by all means… talk yourself out of any negative emotions, put your fave playlist on to brighten up your mood and prepare yourself for what’s ahead of you from a optimistic perspective.

2. Surround yourself with good people

A very important rule to keeping positive is to surround yourself with people who make you feel good. It’s essential for you boo’s to get the most out of everything you do in life and it is amazing when you have people around you that support and encourage all of the positive and productive things you do. Other’s can suck out your energy, so be cautious who you spend your time with and eliminate any type of negativity that is the way of you and your path; this involves your friends, co-workers, mentors, etc. Happiness is contagious, so if you are around happy people it is likely you will feel happy too!

3. See your failures as life lessons

If you are having one of those day and you find that things aren’t going the way you hoped for, you must remember that nobody is perfect and you are going to make mistakes throughout your lifetime and sometimes you can’t change that. What you can change is your outlook on the situation and the way you react to it. The best way to grow at this stage is to see any failures or any interruptions as life lessons which you can learn from. Don’t focus on how you failed, focus on what to do next time!


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