Uni Confessions

Some people say 'Uni is the best experience of your life, it’s unforgettable'. Yeah, it is unforgettable but sometimes in the absolute worst ways! We asked you guys some of your worst uni confessions to put into one big blog, as well as the best hangover cures recommended by you guys. This is a PSA to let you all know that you’re not alone when it comes to nightmare situations in your flat and on a night out. Read some of these to make yourself feel better about what you’ve had to put up with during your uni experience.

Most Embarrassing Night Out
"Snogged one of my old school teachers 🤭"
- I pick this as the winner. How does this even happen?! All I can say is I hope you both never see each other again so you can avoid possibly the most awkward school reunion ever.

"Fell in a puddle in front of my ex"
- This is the absolute worst feeling! Embarrassing yourself - fine, you can recover (maybe). But doing it in front of your ex is next level. I hope you got up, dried yourself off and still had a good night!

"I walked into the club with my tshirt dress tucked into my knickers 😵"
- You’re not the first to do this and you definitely won’t be the last! Don’t sweat it.

"I go to uni in Huddersfield, on a night out, agree to go on a road trip with some lads and ended up in Wales"
- Very interesting? We love a spontaneous road trip.

"I was sick on my ex and ended up passing out, woke up in bed with him and mum sat at the end"
- This can’t be true!!! If so, we are cringing for you girl! My mum would never let me live that down, I hope everything is sorted and forgotten about.

"Split my trousers right down the backside 😱"
- That feeling when your stomach drops and you know something bad has happened, I know you were definitely feeling that when this happened!

"Fell over holding 4 WKDs!! Skid on my belly, ripped dress, not one drink spilt"
- We love a girl who’s committed, special props to you on this one.

"More like the best night… planned a night out - ended up in the chippy twice before 12 💃🏼"
- Absolute feels. Sometimes the best part about going out is leaving the club and going for a takeaway, even if it means leaving half an hour after you get there!

Worst Housemate Experience
"A flatmate kept putting her hair from the shower drain into the recycling bin"
- This is quite bizarre but I can kind of see her thinking. Hair blocks your drain and as a student, you definitely don’t want a flooded shower, so she is getting it out! But still...

"One of my flatmates decided to hide all the kitchen appliances from me for 2 days"
- This is a horrible feeling. Not everyone gets on with their flatmates, so it’s important you all just learn to live with each other even if you're not speaking, this is definitely not helping anyone! As long as you have a group of mates outside your flat you can see, I’d stay with them as much as you can!

"My flatmate ate one of my bars of chocolate then spat it out and put it back in my fridge 🤮"
- Erm, WHAT! How is this okay? What was their thought process?! Maybe they realised it wasn’t theirs half way through, although you wouldn’t spit it back out and try to pass it off as brand new!

"You CAN’T boil milk by putting it in the kettle 🤦🏼‍♀️ who taught you?!" 
- This is so bizarre, I’m with you on this one don’t worry. You definitely get to learn people’s weird habits at uni.

"My housemate left a protein shake in a cup for a year! It smelled so bad 🤢"
- The worst! If I were you I would’ve just thrown it out - will definitely teach them a lesson.

"Person that complains about noise and tidying but makes more noise and is less tidy"
- I think everyone had that one person at uni that did this. Constantly complain but somehow got away with doing all the things they were complaining about?! We’ve clocked you, don’t think we don’t know what you’re doing!

"Accused of eating COCO POPS after a night out and kicked out the flat" 
- This is a serious hostile flat environment. I would definitely stay away from these people

"Girl left a dead octopus sat upright staring at me in the fridge 🤯 I was mortified"
- I have just so many questions.

Best Hangover Cures
"My puppy"
- I imagine this would be the perfect cure! Sadly not all of us have one, and nothing else will compare to this feeling.

"Pizza or Chinese and disney films with fluffy socks"
- You just described my perfect night in.

"Online shopping !!! Works a treat"
- DEFINITELY. Instantly cure your hangover by distracting yourself with amazing clothes.

"Accept your fate, no point fighting it"
- The sad truth. Sometimes you just have to sit and rot in bed all day scrolling through Instagram and drifting in and out of sleep.

"Missing a 9am Uni lecture to go to Nando’s 👌🏼"
- Not that we agree with missing lectures, but Nandos would definitely be worth it if it was going to cure a hangover from hell!

"Eat tic tacs, so weird but does wonders"
- I can safely say this is the first time i’ve ever heard this. Does this actually work? Can someone else vouch for this?!

"Berocca/Vitamin C Fizzy Tablets, Salmon Sushi and Chicken Noodle Soup! Facts 🙌🏼"
- This seems like a very strict but very effective solution. I strongly agree with this.

Fresh air and snoozing"
- This is definitely mine too. As soon as you wake up, open your windows and let the cold air get into your room. You’ll definitely be cold but being cold when you’re feeling rough is a lovely feeling. Breathing in the fresh air will do you some good!

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