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Valentine's Day Looks

Valentine's Day Looks

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so make sure you get your fave styles bought before they’re gone! Life’s been especially good to us in 2020 by landing Valentine’s Day on a Friday, so we can plan everything with no guilty hangover for work or uni the next day. Whether you’re getting dressed up for a hot date with bae or going out with the girls - here are your hottest picks for the love season. Think of ISAW as your own personal cupid for finding your perfect match (we mean outfits of course). Whoever said you couldn’t fall in love with clothes was wrongly mistaken!

All the glam
This first look is all glam. I can definitely see this being worn to some drinks followed by the club. Keep the colours subtle and sultry with this blazer dress, paired with some diamante heels. I would opt for a slicked back ponytail for ultimate elegance (and so your hair doesn’t get in the way when you’re on the dancefloor later). Make sure you have the flash on when you take some pics to capture every single sparkle on those amazing shoes and earrings.


Edgy girl
This edgy, girly look would be perfect for cocktails with the girls. The trousers and top are simple but certainly not understated. The biker jacket gives a more casual vibe, and the faux fur mules add a touch of cuteness. Now all you need is a pornstar martini in hand, some cute selfies and a no-texting-your-ex policy the whole night. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you have to think about your past boyfriends - they’re an ex for a reason!!


Nothing says special occasion like an organza top as extra as you. Try jeans and some pointed sock boots for major on-trend vibes. Pair with some minimal jewellery - your outfit’s the main event. Wear this for your dinner date with bae and your relationship is set for life - who could ever fall out of love with someone who pulls look like these?! It’s just not possible!


On trend sage
It’s a no-brainer that this is one of our favourite dresses right now. For sage being the colour of the season, wear this out and people will know you know what you’re talking about. Hit up VIP in this amazing ruffle bodycon dress and chainmail pouch bag. This is the perfect outfit to find some potential baes while out partying with the girls.


First date
If you’re going on a first date this Valentine’s Day, look cute in this polka top and military boots. Keeping it simple means you’ve got room to show them your amazing, extra personality (I hope they’re ready!) No need for first date nerves when your outfit is as killer as this. Wear some subtle accessories and a cute across the body bag. Go on girl, secure that second date!


Touch of red
For the ultimate Valentine’s Day look, pair a red lace bodysuit with a black blazer. The pop of red in an all-black outfit will give off the best romantic vibe on an intense date with bae. Lingerie as outerwear is the new thing, so make sure you’ve got a bodysuit in every colour in your wardrobe for date emergencies. Some heeled boots to finish it off so you’re comfortable yet completely stylish - plus you can wear these over and over again with literally any outfit, there’s no rules!


So whatever you're doing this Valentine's Day -being with your other half or avoiding it all together and sticking with your girl friends - get yourself a killer outfit and have the best night ever. Remember, the most important love you need is self love 💘

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