What To Wear For Valentine's Day: Lockdown Edition

What to wear for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is in Lockdown this year, but don’t let that get you down! We’re here with some inspo for what to do and wear to make your day perfect, no matter who you live with.

Date night with bae

For those who are lucky enough to be in lockdown with your partners, why not dress up for the living room and have a romantic, candle lit meal? Whether you cook for one another or use it as an excuse to order in, make it a cheat day and indulge!

Think little black dress, jeans or leather pants with a nice top and some nice lingerie, even if you still have fluffy slippers on!


Zoom date

If you’re away from bae this Valentines day, take your date night to Zoom. You can still both have a nice meal or get takeaway, just set the camera up at the dining table as if you were sat across from one another.

The best bit? You only need to dress up your top half – we’re talking pyjama bottoms or joggers and a nice top, it’s that simple. No one’s going to see what’s below the table so keep it comfy!


Galentine's Day

Locked down with the girls? Treat yourselves to new cosy loungewear or matching pjs for a Netflix and takeaway night. And once you’re all a few drinks in, why not have a go at some of the latest Tik Tok dances. Maybe just save them to your drafts tho, and review them in the morning when you’re sober!

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Lone wolf

Gonna be alone on V day? Whether you wanted to be or not, it’s a good excuse to allow yourself some self-love.

Stock up on your favourite wine, get a takeaway and some snacks whilst you watch your fave film. Light some candles, put on some new bedding and throw a face mask on. Wear whatever makes you feel good – whether it’s some new pjs or new lingerie. Do you, boo.

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Whatever your plans or whoever you’re with this Valentines day, don’t let Lockdown ruin it. In the wise words of Kanye, “keep ya love lockdown” in 2021!

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