Villa Highlights: Day 38

Last night we saw our fave besties Amber and Ovie chatting through the Michael drama. Seriously can they just get together already?! Later on in the ep we saw our girl Amber sticking up for herself and making peace with her ex after talking it through with a certain wise basketball player. She handled herself amazingly….yaaas girl!

Anna couldn’t contain her excitement as her and Jordan headed into the hideaway for a night away from their fellow Islanders. Did Jords make it into the DBS? We’ll never know 😉. Curtis and Maura spent the night on the day beds as he finally put all his eggs in her basket, much to the disappointment of gorge Fran.

We saw the Islanders head to puppy school in the challenge. The girls had to guide the blindfolded boys around a Crufts-worthy arena in the quickest time. Newbies Fran and Chris came out victorious despite some seriously dodgy communication skills.

The episode ended with Ovie and Chris meeting new bombshells Harley and India. We can’t wait to see who the new girls will couple up with. We were so excited to see Amber head off for a date with Greg - we’ve got all our fingers crossed that it went well.

Will Michael leave the villa? Will he decide he wants Amber back? Has Chris found his girl in India? Will Ovie be dishing out more wisdom and iconic fashion moments? We can’t wait to see tonight.

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