Villa Highlights: Day 39

Just like Molly, Anna and Maura we were PRAYING that Amber’s date with new boy Greg went well. After a lil mishap with door 😂 the pair seemed to have a good date. The new pro rugby player/fully qualified solicitor (brains and brawn) said that he thought Amber deserved to be spoilt. We couldn’t agree more.

The new girls were welcomed into the villa with open arms and it seems glam girl India is a bit of Chris AND Ovie and both girls have their sights set on our boy Ovie. Is this our first love square?! There were some v flirty breakfast dates *cough* Michael. What would Joanna say?! It seems as though he’s already making moves on ex Amber though! Maura and Greg had some good ‘craic’ on their date but Maura has firmly put all her eggs in Curtis’ basket.

So, has Chris been officially ‘Ovied’? Who will Amber choose in tonight’s recoupling? Who will win the fight for Ovie?

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