At long last and with Joanna over 1000 miles away, Michael finally found the courage to approach Amber and confess he still had feels. Like Molly-Mae we were SHOOK...


We saw the boys smashing their way into the girl’s hearts in some v sexy construction worker outfits. What did we learn? Ovie is one smoooooth man, Chris is hilare and new boy Greg is a sweetheart.

Ovie has finally slam dunked and got a cheeky snog off India on the terrace. Anton made a full recovery and is back in Belle’s arms and Chris took the plunge in telling India that he liked her. We’re desperate for this funny man to meet his queen - could that be Harley?

By the end of the ep the villa was rocked with the news that there was going to be a recoupling where the girls have the power #girlpower #whoruntheworld

We can’t wait to see what Amber will do. Place your bets!

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