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Villa Highlights Day 45

Villa Highlights Day 45

In last night’s episode the Islanders played mummies and daddies looking after 7 new mini Islanders. There was plenty of crying and not just from the babies. Anna and Jordan went down the split custody route with no resolution to the India situation whilst Tommy and Molly won the challenge (no surprise there). Curtis and Jordan attempted to apologise to Anna but ya girl was having NONE of it. Anna has been so strong in a situation that many girls would struggle with, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and will not settle for a half-hearted apology. Last nights episode shocked viewers with a double dumping, where the two couples with the least votes were sent home. The Islanders said their goodbyes to Jordan and Anna and Harley and Chris. We miss Chris already.

As it draws closer to the final, tensions are rising around who’s going to take home that £50K…

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