Villa Highlights: Day 46

We’re down to the last 5 couples. Where has the summer gone? In tonight’s ep we saw Murtis, Gramber and Ovio (thanks Molly-Mae) head off on three epic dates!

Greg and Amber set sail and we got to see the couple opening up. Amber couldn’t wipe that smile off her face and tbh we can’t blame her. They may not have been together for as long as the other couples but we think they’re seriously cute and serious competition.

Despite Maura and Curtis having a little domestic (a girl has needs) they too went off on their final date. The couple are clearly moving quickly as Maura discussed moving to Manchester. We can’t wait to see this couple on the outside. We’ll probably spot them in Yo Sushi 😂!

MESSAGE. Ovie got the text he was waiting for – ‘It’s time to get fired up for your final date’. The ridiculously good-looking couple got hot under the collar as they discussed their blossoming romance. We’re so happy to see our King all smitten.  

Tonight, it’s Banton and Tolly’s turn. How can the dates get any more epic? We’re thinking a helicopter or sunset horse rides!

Thought the girl’s looked STUNNING for their dates? Shop all their looks here.

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