Just when we thought we could relax now Tommy has put his love triangle to bed after recoupling with Molly-Mae, the couples voted Joe and Lucie as the least compatible couple. Surely this isn’t the end for Exclusive JUCIE?! But they aren’t the only ones, as new lovebirds Anton and Elma also face the public vote and risk being dumped from the villa. Meanwhile, the heat turned up even more after Curtis and Amy became the first couple to continue last year’s legacy and enter the ‘doing bits’ society!

As soon as Anna and Maura got back from their romantic double date with the two newbies Tom Walker and Jordan Mainoo-Hames, it was straight to the firepit to share the goss with the rest of the islanders. Both girls wore I SAW IT FIRST looks on their Love Island dates so obvs they looked GORGEOUS... lucky boys! Anton wasn’t too impressed about Tom having his eyes set on Elma - looks like Anton had better put on those grafting boots on and get to work!

Hotting Up

In last night’s ep we got to see Anton have a three-way kiss with Elma and Maura. Meanwhile, Yewande pulled the short straw with an unglamorous challenge of sucking BBFL Amber’s toe.

Despite the same name, Maura couldn’t be more over Tommy if he tried now new man Tom has caught her eye. Meanwhile, Tommy and Molly-Mae only get closer by sharing their first kiss. Obsessed!

Can it be 9pm already? Whilst you wait, why not steal all the girls’ styles in our Exclusive Love Island Collection.

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