Villa Highlights: Day 14

As soon as Tommy and Molly-Mae had shared their (official) first kiss, it was straight to the outdoor beds for a classic Love Island girls gossip. Meanwhile Danny heads to love guru, Curtis, to gets some broski advice on how he can let Yewande know he’s seriously into her and she already ticks all his boxes #cute!

As if the girls’ gossip sesh wasn’t enough, Maura pulls Elma aside to get the low-down on how she really feels about newbie Tom, despite being coupled up with Anton. But obvs sticking by the girl code, Elma didn’t want to upset her villa bestie and couldn’t be more happier for Maura to crack on with Tom - aww!

It is fair to say last night’s third challenge of the series did not disappoint! The aim of the game was for each couple to work together and pass food to one another, strictly using their mouth only. Translation: forget the rules, this was just an excuse to lock lips with their partner. And what better way for Anna and Maura to get to know newbies Tom and Jordan. Obsessed!

Caroline Flack is back! Looking gorge as ever, Flack strutted into the villa to catch up with all the islanders and to reveal the moment we’ve all been waiting for - which islanders will be dumped?! As much as it breaks our hearts to say this, exclusive JUCIE officially parted ways after the public voted Joe to leave the villa *cue Fergie - Big Girls Don’t Cry*… but we all definitely were. But it doesn’t look to be the end for this growing power couple as Joe was adamant he’d wait for Lucie on the outside. CUTE! Elma was also dumped from the villa, leaving Anton joining Anna, Maura and newbies Tom and Jordan in the singles corner.

The ep ended with a sneak peek of Lucie having doubts whether she should stay or leave now her bae Joe has been dumped. Can it be 9pm already?! Whilst you wait, why not shop our Exclusive Love Island Collection?

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