Villa Highlights: Day 15

After Joe said his goodbyes to the rest of the islanders, it was straight to the outdoor beds for the girls to confront Lucie. But the goss didn’t end there! Things heated up once again during last night’s ep after Anna and newbie Jordan came even closer and sealed their budding romance with a kiss. And it wouldn’t be right without her rushing straight over to the girls to give them all the goss. Obsessed!! But not everyone was on cloud 9 about their love life. Looks like Danny isn’t too sure if Yewande is 100% into him so love guru Curtis tried to get the goss and see where Yewande’s head is at. Meanwhile, Amber and Michael headed out of the villa to enjoy their first date together. Cute!!

Just when we thought the villa couldn’t get any hotter, new bombshell Arabella Chi is set to make her debut in tonight’s ep. But who will be her type on paper? Whilst you wait, why not shop our Exclusive Love Island Collection.

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