The villa continues to heat up as our favourite islanders deal with the aftermath of the Casa Amor recoupling. In Friday night’s ep, we saw our OG power couple call it a day on their half-relationship for good, as Curtis couldn’t see a future with ex half-girlfriend Amy…*insert heartbroken emoji here*. Meanwhile, Maura sees this as the perfect opportunity to get Curtis to teach her how to dance and also admit to the nation she has feelings for him. Awks!

Michael and Amber make amends by ending their conversation with all the lols. OBSESSED! But the goss doesn’t stop there. Anna and Amber head out on a romantic double date with Jordan and newbie, Ovie. After getting to know both boys, Anna made it clear she still likes Jordan and wanted to ditch Ovie for good. Meanwhile, Maura and Lucie get two pies for the price of one as they sit down their Casa Amor flings, Marvin and George and call it quits. Can’t wait to find out what will happen at 9pm? SAME. Whilst you wait, why not shop our Exclusive Love Island Collection?

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