After struggling to find “the one”, Anton is finally loved up with beau Belle, especially after she offered to shave his behind (cringe). But was he willing to throw everything away to become Archbishop of Banter-bury? The 24-year-old headed out on a lads trip with Jordan and Tommy to grab the groceries whilst checking out the checkout girl, revealing to the lads he should’ve given her his number on the back of the receipt - despite the fact ITV are holding his phone hostage whilst competing in the show. Awks! Meanwhile, Curtis is playing with fire after he admits he’s never had “two girls fighting over him… I’m not complaining.”

And if we couldn’t love him anymore, Ovie continues to be a national treasure. Despite him being 6’7, lovely, genuine, a basketball player - oh, and the fact he shouts out “message!” after every text, the 28-year-old has his eyes set on going all the way in the comp. OBSESSED!

Just when we thought the Love Island villa couldn’t stir up even more gossip, there was a spontaneous dumping in last night’s ep. Michael and Joanna were revealed as the least fave couple as voted by the public and their fellow contestants. Flack ended the ep on a classic cliff-hanger by telling them only one of them could stay on the island, meaning the other will have to go.

Which one will stay? Will Michael rekindle with Amber? Will Joanna leave? Yes, we have so many questions!! Whilst we wait to find out, why not shop our Exclusive Love Island Collection?

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