The villa continues to heat up for the islanders as we enter week four of Love Island. No one can say it’s been a dull 3 weeks, as the drama continued to stir up more and more gossip. Last week we saw the shock exit of Joe, Tommy’s love triangle with Molly-Mae and Maura come to an end, Anna’s romance with new flame Jordan blossoms even more, and new bombshell Arabella Chi entered the villa and made it clear she’s here to crack on with Danny.

Yewande’s love triangle with Danny and Arabella stirs up even more gossip after she threatened to leave in last night’s ep. No no no no! This came after Arabella chose to couple up with Danny for the challenge. In a nutshell, the girls had to complete a four-stage course in the fastest time possible whilst dressed as Playboy Bunnies and have the boys as their personal trainers. Doesn’t sound too bad for Yewande right? Wrong. The girls had to complete 20 sit-ups whilst locking lips with their partner. Awks!

GOT A TEXT! As the winner of Gym Bunnies challenge, Maura and Tom were heading to the hideaway before she overheard him tell the boys he’s “interested to see if she’s all mouth”. OUCH Tom, maybe you should take some lessons on how to win a girl over because this is defo not the way!

Has Tom ruined completely ruined his chance with the Irish beauty? Whilst you wait to find out all the villa gossip, why not shop our Exclusive Love Island Collection?

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