As we enter week three, the temperature is rising yet again. Tommy’s love triangle continues to stir up gossip. But despite all the drama, we FINALLY got to witness Danny and Yewande lock lips on the swing and Elma reveals her and new flame Anton are both good eggs and would make the perfect omelette – we totes agree!


Last night we were treated to this series’ second challenge and it did not disappoint! #BRIDEZILLA saw the girls dressed up in wedding dresses having a food fight. Shock waves were sent around the girls, as Molly-Mae has to watch bae Tommy and newbie Maura share a kiss during one of the tasks #awks!

On the Rocks

In last night’s ep, exclusive JUCIE hit the rocks a little bit after Joe pulled Lucie aside to say he wasn’t a fan of her close friendship with Tommy. Hmm, potential red flag alert! Come on Joe, girls can have boy-friends! Meanwhile, power couple Amy and Curtis only got stronger as they headed straight to the rooftop terrace where Amy revealed she’s really falling for Curtis. OBSESSED!


Time for the recoupling we’re all been waiting for. Looks like Tommy went with his heart and decided to stay coupled up with Molly-Mae. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Maura as her and Anna are sent on dates with the two new bombshells, Jordan Mainoo-Hames and Tom Walker.

Can’t wait to see how the dates go? SAME. Whilst you wait, why not shop all the girls’ looks in our Exclusive Love Island Collection.

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