Virgo season is officially here!

Your wild and carefree Leo days are over, which means only one thing….time to welcome Virgo season! What does this mean for your sign? It’s time to embrace change and freshen up your wardrobe before Autumn comes.


Virgo is your house of health & organisation, Aries! After a wild Leo season, now is your time to switch your glam dress for joggers & a crop top. Now is the time to set goals, keep up with your health & work on a manageable workout routine. Go get it, Aries!



Good news, Taurus! This season is all about pleasure, play & self-expression for you. This season you’ll be channelling Queen B and seriously feeling yourself. Get prepped to turn heads & potentially strike a blossoming romance or major creative inspo.



Switch out-out for Netflix & chill this season, Gemini! This season is all about home for you. This is the perf time to work on some new décor, move in with your bestie or have a major clear out. Channel serious Bobby from Queer Eye vibes!



You’re a serious social butterfly this season, Cancer! With Virgo being in your house of communication, get prepped for some seriously lively convos but watch out for any fiery confrontations. Open up to your friends, explore new plans & get to know new people!



The end of Leo season isn’t all bad, Leo! Virgo season brings calm & routine for you. If you start a plan now, this is the perfect time to stick to it! Whatever you put your mind to will be yours.



You’re finally back in the spotlight, Virgo! It’s your personal new year & time to set your intentions for the upcoming six months. Put the effort in now & it will seriously pay off…



Virgo season is all about self-care for you, Libra! Invest in a luxury face mask, take on a social media cleanse & wind down with a podcast. It’s time to find peace before Libra season kicks off!



Get ready to mingle, Scorpio. Virgo season is all about chilling with friends & networking with new people. Make plans with your fave girls & don’t be so hard on yourself this season.



You’re channelling major Kris Jenner vibes this Virgo season, Sagittarius! Map out ideas for any long term goals or career dreams & you’ll be destined for success in no time. What you work on this season will seriously unfold in the next six months…



Forget your limits this season, Capricorn! Virgo is in your house of adventure & risk-taking so this is a time to take a leap of faith & be braver than ever. Plan a getaway, launch that business idea or work on your ultimate passion project. You can do it!



Time to get rid of all distractions, Aquarius. Virgo season is your moment to seek some privacy. Switch off from the world to take some time to visualise what you want financially or in a key relationship & it could soon be yours!



It’s all about friendships this season, Pisces! Take time to work on your important relationship during Virgo season. If there’s any negative energy in your circle, now is the time to sort it!


Whatever your sign ‘tis the season for NEWNESS. Whether you’re focusing on work, getting back into the dating game or all about friendships this Virgo season, treat yourself to some new garms!

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