We know it’s a lengthy and daunting process to even think about clearing out your wardrobe. It seems like an arduous task that’s gonna take days on end. But if you know exactly what your goal is and you keep it fun, it can be an afternoon of much needed wardrobe-love and will mean a breath of fresh air whenever you pick an outfit! Stay tuned for some simple tips to help you stay clean.


If you’re like me and find it hard to say goodbye then it’s even harder to let go of clothes that have (let’s face it) been sat in your wardrobe for months without being touched. Even though you can’t remember the last time you wore them, the thought of them not being there fills you with dread and sadness. This is why you’ve got to learn to let go.

When you’re looking at your clothes, ask yourself the important questions… When was the last time I wore this? How would I style this now? It’s important to think logically and realistically when deciding what to lose. Hanging onto clothes because you wore them once 3 years ago and looked good in them isn’t an excuse anymore. Be brutal!

There's lots of options for unwanted clothes, so it’s not all bad!
Give your clothes a better home by donating them to charity. This way, you know they’re going to someone who really needs them. Selling clothes online is also a great option and you’ll make some money out of it (a WIN WIN scenario!) If you’re into crafts, why not have a go at re-working some of your clothes? You could change a T-shirt into a crop top, some jeans into shorts or turn long sleeves into a short sleeves. Give it a go and see what you can create!


A wardrobe full of seasonal staples is a happy wardrobe! Imagine how much quicker you'd get dressed in the morning if your wardrobe was filled with key styles designed to be mixed and matched into effortless outfits that are completely on trend?!

Your spring capsule wardrobe should include:
A blazer
-A trench coat
-Some jeans in different colours & fits (e.g. mom, skinny)
-A few T-shirts that’ll go with anything
-A classic oversized white shirt
-A key mini or midi dress (if you're a dress kind of person)
-A denim jacket
-Some comfy trainers
-Black chunky boots
-Some sandals
-A couple of going out tops
-Some wide leg trousers
-Some joggers and a hoodie in a key colour e.g. black, nude
-Accessories to style your outfits up and down



Reorganising can be so much fun, especially if it’s going to make your life easier in the long run. At ISAWITFIRST, we like to think think smarter, not harder.

If you wanna get organised, we recommend searching online for some wardrobe organisers to help compartmentalise your clothes. Whether it’s a drawer organiser to separate your underwear and socks or a hanging shoe organiser, these are great ways to maximise your wardrobe space and make room for new!


One of the best ways to fall back in love with getting dressed is by making your wardrobe space inspirational! This will help you to visualise new outfits, colour combinations and styling ideas.

You can do this by colour co-ordinating your clothes - group your hanging items into colour tones and order them from white to black with all the other colours in between! You can apply the same logic with grouping styles together too, like storing all of your jeans in the same place. If you have a chest of drawers, having a different drawer for tops, bottoms, pyjamas etc is a great way to keep organised. Knowing where everything you need is will make getting ready quicker and less of a chore!

It’s easy to forget about accessories you already have when they’re not organised too. Dig out all of your jewellery and store it in a jewellery box so it’s all in one place. You can even get a jewellery dish or tray to keep your fave go-to pieces handy at all times! As for handbags - it might be a good idea to hang these or even store them in a shoe organiser so you can easily see what you’ve got. There’s no use owning a bag in every colour if they’re hidden away, gathering dust. Step away from your go-to black bag and add some variation to your outfits!


Round up some inspiration for outfits and styling you want to try out (Instagram and Pinterest are our fave inspo sources). This is a great way to think about what to keep in your wardrobe when you're clearing out, and what’s missing from it. Once you have a bank of outfit ideas to recreate, you’ll know what to order next! And if you’ve made money from your wardrobe clear-out, use this to bag those new staples. What a payoff!

Want even more inspo? Check out the newest styles landing at ISAWITFIRST right now, or shop our spring collection for some seasonal staples.

Spring cleaning your wardrobe can be really therapeutic. It’s is a great way to rediscover clothes you’ve forgotten about and get you excited about getting dressed again! Purging old styles you don’t wear makes room for new and you might even make a bit of cash to bag those new styles with.

So what are you waiting for?! Follow our tips and get your spring clean on, you won’t regret it.

Visit our blog for even more tips and styling inspo, like How To Create The Ultimate Cosy Night In and How To Style A Blazer From Day To Night.


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