What to focus on during Virgo season

We are officially in Virgo season, running from the 23rd August to 22nd September. This season will bring us back to reality after a dramatic Leo season. The stark contrast between the fire and creativity of Leo and the more balanced energy of Virgo season is unmatched.

Now is a time where we begin to reconnect in with the goals we made at the beginning of this year and keep ourselves motivated. We’ve made a list of the things we all need to focus in on this season.

1. Your body

As an earth sign, Virgo season means it’s time to check in and reconnect with our body’s needs. It’s easy to get whisked away with the perfect images we see on our Instagram feeds. Let’s use this time to ground our expectations of ourselves.

Self-care now is more important than ever, this season we’re treating our body with respect. Stay hydrated, eating good foods and exercising the right amount

2. The small stuff

Virgos are notoriously perfectionists; however, this is not necessarily a negative thing. This season we are all about honing in on the small details you want to change in your life.

Whilst they may not seem major, the tiniest of adjustments could make a difference to your life. So, lets channel the perfectionism of Virgo this season.

3. Organisation

Leo season was our chance to play hard, Virgo season means it’s time to work harder. Now it’s time to get our life in order. From clearing out your handbag to toxic friends. An organised life brings a balanced mind.

For those signs like Gemini and Aquarius who are naturally scatterbrained, start small and keep a diary or even just set yourself the goal of a tidy room for a month ad the rest of your life will follow.

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