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What To Wear For Day Drinks

What To Wear For Day Drinks

It’s getting to that time of year when it’s way too cold for a full on night out but you’re still craving that weekend plan fix with your girlfriends. This is when day drinks come out to play. You can still get the same kind of drunk, but it’s socially acceptable to have a proper coat on too! With the weather being very classically British, it’s hard to know what to wear, how warm you’ll actually be and how to actually stay on trend too. So, look no further than this blog to assist you in how to dress day drinks apprope!

Girly vibes
This outfit is for the girly girl of the group. With pink accents, you’re bound to look super cute and bang on trend for Spring. A structured handbag makes you feel like you’ve really got yourself together (even if you have had one gin and tonic too many!) and you can never go wrong with skinny jeans. The fur coat will ensure you stay toasty warm walking from bar to bar while still making you look completely fashionable. What’s not to like?!


Green for go
This oversized shirt is sooooo good. Put this with some cigarette trousers to show off your amazing legs and finish with a cowboy boot for the definite edge. A cropped leather jacket will give you the layered look with your shirt underneath, will definitely keep you warm and has all the silver details on it to make the outfit pop. For this look I would definitely have my hair in a tight low bun/ponytail. It’ll look super sleek and will keep the focus on the outfit.


Day dress dreams
This edgy outfit is perfect for an on the go outfit. Whether you’re perching in front of the cocktail bar or sitting at a beer garden trying to soak up any sun, a cute day dress will take you anywhere looking on point. It’s light, flowy and the colours are neutral so you can get away with some different coloured accessories too! Some gold earrings would go perfectly with this, click here to view our jewellery!


Chillin' in pastel
For a more chilled vibe, why not opt for a more slouchy look? This way you can sit comfy for hours and hours in the window seat of your favourite bar! Get some wide leg detail joggers, a pastel coloured tee and some combat boots. Finish it off with a cropped trucker jacket for the cool edgy look. If the weather is looking up, don’t forget your sunglasses!


Coral corset
When in doubt, a corset top will solve all your problems. How amazing is this colour!? A coral top will go perfectly for any spring venue. I’d go for a similar coloured bag or go clashing, there’s no rules hun. The cuff on the trousers adds extra detail and the blazer will obviously add some serious shape! Opt for warm coloured jewellery like gold for an overall warm look! This outfit is a serious statement.


Movin' monochrome
Stay coordinated AF in this outfit. A chunky jumper will keep you warm while looking great too. Tuck the front into some black slim trousers - these ones are perf and have so much detail. White boots are a must, although we can’t promise they’ll stay clean if you’ve taken full advantage of every 2-4-1 in town! The diamante bag adds another layer of texture and sparkle to make sure you’re seen in the spotlight in any bar.


Throw on a jumpsuit
Thank god jumpsuits were invented! These honestly save us - they look like you’ve made loads of effort even if you might not have, they’re easy to get on and you can pretty much put anything with them! If you’re feeling brave, pair with some perspex heels. If not, some heeled boots or mules will work just as well! Take these statement earrings and the chunky chain detail bag to bring some personality to the look. Now time for some selfies in some very aesthetically pleasing toilets!

There you go! 7 potential outfits for your upcoming day drinks event. We hope the weather isn’t too bad for you and you make the most of all the possible 2-4-1 deals whatever city you’re in!

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