What to Wear to a White Party


Been invited to a white party or throwing one yourself and need a killer outfit? You came to the right place, sis. Grab some white party outfit essentials, set these pieces off with our self-tanning tips, and learn how to keep your whites white. You didn’t even have to ask, we’ve got it all covered here!

What is a white party?

If you’ve never been to a white party then you’re majorly missing out! For whatever reason a sea of people exclusively wearing bright white attire is the height of sophistication. Elegant soirees packed with stylish guests sipping boujee cocktails is a summer dream. From the beach clubs of Ibiza to the rooftops of New York and the cobbled streets of Mykonos an all-white party is not only reserved for hen-dos in Liverpool anymore!

You’re not even ready for these white party outfits...

White Party Dresses

White party dresses are always a winner, especially with a bold lip or smoky eye. An all in one outfit means you don’t have to worry about much else. No matter your vibe there’s a white dress for everyone. Go super glam in an embellished mini dress or satin maxi dress or keep things more low key in a simple milkmaid style. Pair with some strappy white heels and block bright bag and you're good to go! Here are our fave LWDs - little white dresses!

White Party Jumpsuits

More of a jumpsuit kinda girl? We got you covered. Wanna make a statement? We love this super plunge style - perfect with a big bouncy blow dry and a dramatic red lip for maximum impact. We can’t get enough of halterneck styles atm and we LOVE this halterneck jumpsuit - dress down with a fedora and sandals or pair with your favourite strappy heels. Our last but maybe most luxe options is this cream linen jumpsuit. Looks super expensive - team with a teeny tiny bag for major style points and an extra luxe white party outfit!


White Party Co-ords

A white co-ord is always super chic. They’re bang on trend and you can wear them together or as separate pieces - such a major wardrobe win! First up? A super sleek suit. This white blazer and trousers could be worn with nothing underneath or style with a cute crop top. Finish with a red lip and boho waves and you’re ready to go! Looking to show off that tan a little more? This tailored mini skirt and ruched bralet is such a vibe! Style with gold accessories and strappy heels. If you're like us and just cray for crochet this gorgeous top and skirt is such a summer winner!


The perfect white party accessory: a golden tan

The perfect accessory for a white party? The perfect tan of course! Bondi Sands will have you looking like a bronzed goddess in no time with zero risk to your health of course! Say bye to sunbeds forever and get yourself a realistic, streak-free tan from a bottle. Beginner to the tanning world? Don’t worry! Here’s our super easy beginners guide to how to fake tan:


Step 1:

Every expert tanner will tell you: exfoliation is key. If you can prep your skin the day before you tan! Avoid patches by scrubbing off all your dry skin before applying your tan. Run yourself a hot bath or hop in a shower and use the Coconut & Sea Salt Body Scrub to leave your skin soft and smooth. Want some extra scrubbing power? Check out the Exfoliating Mitt. If you’re shaving now is the time to do it but be gentle. Before you get out the shower turn the temp to cold - this will close your pores and means you’ll avoid any annoying dark spots!  


Step 2:

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Do this after exfoliating to make sure none of that dryness creeps in again. We recommend the Bondi Sands Body Moisturiser, it smells amazing and will have your skin feeling soft af! Give special attention to your hands, feet, elbows and knees!


Step 3:

Get your application mitt at the ready - you’re ready to tan! Although it’s tempting to go as dark as possible it’s not always the best way forward. If you’re on the fairer side it’s best to opt for the light/medium tanning foam, which will give you a lovely realistic glow! If you’re a little more olive toned then go for the dark tanning foam! Wearing a backless dress? Get to those hard to reach places with the Bondi Sands Back Applicator! Remember you can always build your colour up so don’t go in too heavy-handed. Work in small areas and sweep the tan over your skin evenly.


Step 4:

Sit back and watch it develop! Apply at night to wake up looking like you just got back from Ibiza or apply in the morning for a daytime glow. Have a quick shower to wash off any excess after the tan has developed but don’t scrub at your body with handles, loofah, or towel. You just want to lightly run your hands and soap over your body to even the glow, and this minimises the risk of any transfer too.


How to take care of your white party outfits so they last

Don’t let your white party dresses and outfits look partied out, make sure they’re still the life and soul of any event by taking care of them. Aside from avoiding red wine and separating your lights and darks for washing there are some things you can do to keep your whites looking fresh:

  • Use a colour remover or white-brightener in with your wash
  • Add half a cup of white vinegar to your wash
  • Soak your whites in warm water with baking soda before washing
  • Make sure you’ve washed off excess tan after letting it bake for no transfers

A golden tan is the perfect accessory as we’ve seen, but don’t ruin your bedsheets and opt for a darker set for tanning days. We love these dark sets…

For more tips on tanning check out Bondi Sands blog here.

So are you ready for the white party of the summer? Our newest collection has got your all white party outfits covered. Show off your tan and find some super flattering white party dresses right here. What is a white party, you ask? Only the event of the year!

Shop the white collection for some stunning white party outfits and looks.

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