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I Saw It First - Trends



The beautiful eyes, the perfect hair... and 3.6 million Instagram followers. This model found her fame online and is now bagging some huge campaigns - including our very first Christmas campaign. 

We all know the next few months are the highlight of the party calendar. We wanted to make sure our very first campaign was full of glamour, sparkly dresses and the perfect accessories. What better model to showcase our beaut new-season product than Cindy Kimberly? This babe IS full of energy, creativity and personality. She slayed the whole shoot and can pull off any outfit with major sass.

With her nineteenth birthday coming up, she's still a fairly new face in the modelling world - and since we're the new brand on the block it's a match made in heaven. We're so excited to have Cindy on board, and you'll surely agree the campaign looks stunning right?

If you haven't already and need your stalking fix, check out her Instagram account @wolfiecindy. She's a self-confessed selfie fan, which we're totally okay with as we love getting glimpses into her world. 

She's also a regular on Snapchat, you can find her under the name wolfiecin - check our other blog post to hear her explain the reason the behind the 'wolfie' username.

To top it all off, she's also started her own YouTube channel, where her everyday make up tutorial has over 1 million views in just over a week. 

If you're social media crazy like Cindy, make sure you're following I SAW IT FIRST for all the latest news and drops on site. You can find us @isawitfirst on Instagram and Twitter, and under ISAWITFIRST_COM on Snapchat!