Why Everyone Needs to Travel Alone

Imagine having enough courage to pack your suitcase and go to a whole new island, a thousand miles away where you can be alone from everyone, with nothing but your own thoughts and serenity. I mean, if you can move to a city alone to work or for family, why is it so unusual to enjoy your own time some place beautiful? Here are five reasons why everyone should travel alone at least once in their lifetime, whether it’s a small city break, weekend or a long-haul detox from civilization, we are here for it! P.s always remember, you are never truly alone when you have yourself.



Enjoying your own company- Everyone should be able to love being in their own company. Personal growth and self-love should be at the top of your priorities. Sometimes we neglect ourselves for the sake of others so coming back to your true self and seeing who you really are is a beautiful way to build your mental health and happiness up. Another huge bonus point is getting to do everything you want to do and not having to go by someone else’ schedule, if you want to chill poolside all day, no one is stopping you or is going to complain about it! Aaah heaven <3

Detoxing your mind- Without even realising it, we are continuously thinking and valuing opinions of everyone around us. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even you! So, if you feel a little lost, now it the right time to believe in yourself and your own thoughts.

Gaining confidence- Traveling alone itself takes confidence. Showing that you are enough and don’t need a companion will give you an empowering glow of self-assurance. Traveling alone will naturally push you to meet new people and step out of your comfort zone which sounds scary but will be worth all the different people you’ll come across and meet.



Getting cultured- Where you go there is always culture waiting to be explored and looked up. Find time to learn something new and get educated, it will keep you busy and make your trip memorable and knowledgeable. This could go from reading a book or going on an exhibition to even talking to someone about a certain place or person. Find culture in everything you do as it will stay with you forever.

Appreciating your loved ones- As strange as it sounds, being away from your loved ones makes you realise how much you love them and appreciate them. Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder, so getting a chance to miss people is an amazing way to help you value everyone you love.

I hope this has sparked an adventure or inspired you to go on a little break away. Life is about traveling, whether it’s the world or figuring out who you are. Shop our holiday collection here to jumpstart your holiday plans my loves!

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