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Your 2019 Horoscope

Your 2019 Horoscope

We've put together your 2019 Horoscopes so if you ever feel like you need some motivation or just a quick pep talk for the year ahead, bookmark this page and send to all of your BFFs. Keep reading to find out your 2019 destiny, girls...


Aries, it’s time to focus your energy. Forget fighting the things you can’t change - you’ve just gotta concentrate on the things you can control! 2019 is your time to keep a clear head and reach for your goals and dreams. Take on newness, seek out more and keep saying YES!

In 2019, it’s time to take a little advice from everyone’s fave Disney film and LET IT GO. This year promises lots of change and major adventures for you, Taurus. Get ready for some serious change and accept that some things belong in the past. Thank u, next!

Buckle up, Gemini! 2019 is all about major life changes and some serious dream chasing. It’s time to follow your big ol’ heart and expand on those ambitions of yours. Top tip: Don’t let ANYTHING hold you back! You got this.

Alexa, play Beyoncé - Me, Myself & I. This year is all about self-love and self-care, Cancer! It’s your year to listen your body and emotions and learn to love yourself as you are. Ditch the clutter of your past and find new ways to move forward in relationships. You’re about to become your own best friend and we’re obsessed.

Queen of the jungle, your most magical moments are waiting for you in 2019. Opportunity is everywhere and the sky’s the limit. All that hard work will start to pay off and you’ll finally feel like you’re getting where you want to be. Can we get an AMEN!?

This year, it’s all about love and relationships for you. Virgo, you’ve gotta dream big and make that bold move. Don’t settle and go bigger than ever before. At the end of the year, you’ll finally feel like the right people are in your life. The group chats might get smaller but it’s quality over quantity, girl!

Your vibe attracts your tribe, Libra! Release those emotions and you’ll get the support you need. Whatever you do, your squad will show you love. In 2019, you’ll be ready to decide your destiny and trust in it.

2019 is the year you channel your inner strong independent woman, Scorpio. Ditch your usual guarded nature and be as open and honest as you can. Do this, and you’ll finally find all the happiness you’ve been searching for. In the words of our queens Little Mix, you’ve got the power!

Karma is your BFF this year, Sagittarius. Release those good vibes and Jupiter will bring you some optimism and adventure. What’s more, your good karma and positivity will help you make the right decisions to achieve all your insane goals.

Capricorn, 2019 is your year to relax a little. Don’t put pressure on yourself to achieve, achieve, achieve. Let loose and relax! Hit up the girls and start a never-ending list of fun new projects and adventures. You can focus and have fun all at the same time, Capricorn!

Stay in control and you’ll achieve all you want in 2019, Aquarius. Keep in tune with you intuition and you’ll make those moves that you’re desperate to make. But don’t forget to enjoy the ride, Aquarius!

You’re about to surprise yourself, Pisces. In 2019, you’ll about to be a little more selfish, direct and focused on #1. You deserve it! Dare to do things you never dreamed of and ditch any negative energy - including negative people!


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