Your guide to staying in this NYE

Anyone else fancy a quiet one this year? Sometimes staying in beats going out. Rain forecast? No bae to kiss at midnight? Still nursing your Christmas food baby? Here's our ultimate guide to staying in on NYE, with 7 reasons why staying in is cooler than going out.

You're saving money.

NYE is one of the most expensive nights of the year, fact. Get your smug face on, knowing that while your mates are out spending all their Christmas money, you're money is saved for more important things. Like clothes, duh? 


Takeaway is the best thing ever.

Pizza is just a phone call away. If you've had enough of Christmas leftovers and need a change, ee've decided that takeaway is way better than having to talk to Have a slice or 3, stick a Christmas film on the TV and enjoy (diet starts tomorrow, right?).


You don't need to get dressed

It's totally fine to chill in your onesie. In fact, why get dressed at all? Shop our new in onesies and dressings gowns for ultimate cosy vibes.



Escape the smug couples

Single ladies put your hands up! The midnight kiss is over-rated and straight up cringey unless you're loved up. Enter 2018 surrounded by your best gals instead. 


You'll feel amazing on New Years Day 

While everybody else is nursing a sore head and deleting last night's Snapchat stories, you'll be making a start on your 'New Year, New Me' gym regime. Who's really winning? 


Why leave the house when you can shop online.

Seriously though, we're open 24/7, and you can get a fresh outfit delivered as early as the next morning. It's a no brainer.


Happy New Year babes!










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