Your Lecture Wardrobe

Let’s face it, you’re probably hungover at half the lectures you attend or you just really can’t be bothered to stare at your wardrobe for 10 minutes straight trying to make an outfit magically appear. You obviously want to be comfy and cosy, but you also can’t wear those joggers you’ve already worn three times this week again. So what’s the solution? Well look no further than this as your holy grail of inspo you can absorb so you can just focus on staying in bed until the absolute last minute and still looking fresh.


Cycle shorts and basically anything else

Cycle shorts are always gonna be a safe bet. They’re super comfy, super easy and pretty much go with anything. Throw on any old t-shirt, hoodie or sweater with a pair of these and you can look effortlessly on trend. You can also team this look up with some cute hair clips - you’re officially good to go.  


Mom jeans

Jeans in general are a wardrobe staple, but given the current 90s trend everyone’s getting into ATM, mom jeans are everywhere and you HAVE to have them. Replace skinny jeans with mom jeans and you’ve transformed your outfit into a completely different look. Pair these with a hoodie and some heeled boots/platform boots and you can pull off the perfect combination. Your hoodie keeps you cosy while your boots do all the talkin’.


Staple shirt

A staple check shirt makes everything better. For the ultimate dress down outfit, all you need to do is find your comfiest joggers and a bodysuit and throw on your fave shirt over the top. For especial slouchiness, drop one of your shirt shoulders down your arm. This will reveal a bit of your bodysuit, taking your look up another girly level while keeping it lazy and simple.


Leather looks

This is your perfect ‘walking to the lecture hall in the freezing cold’ outfit. A knitted jumper to keep your top half toasty warm, leather pants to amp up the texture and studded combat boots to stay true to your edgy self. Add a Starbucks cup of coffee to make yourself especially extra and throw on a leather jacket to double up with your trousers. You’re a woman on a mission and now everyone knows it!


Formal to informal

Taking a ‘going out’ item and turning it into something you can wear during the day is so simple, cost-effective and means you can get so much wear out of stuff you would only wear every once in a while. Choosing some patterned trousers you’d usually wear out and putting them with basics means they’re still the star of the show, but you’re just making them more casual. Adding trainers to complete the look too - perfection.


Statement coat

Having a few statement coats in your uni wardrobe can save you so much time. Take this faux leather trench coat for example. Put literally anything on underneath and the coat does all the work! You can easily put this with some statement earrings (you can never have enough statements!) and a good pair of trainers.


Blazer season

It’s officially blazer season and we can’t get enough of them. We say blazers for EVERY occasion - including your morning lecture. Put an oversized blazer with some jeans and a plain white t-shirt tucked in for ultimate boss b*tch vibes. Keeping it simple but effective is key and this look completely nails that.


Add-on accessories

Adding accessories to any plain outfit can really give it the extra twist it needs. Putting a belt on the outside of a blazer gives you more shape and can turn any outfit into more of a streetwear situ. A coloured, oversized scarf will brighten up any outfit, keep you warm on those cold early starts and it’ll add an extra layer to whatever you’re wearing. Don’t forget those sunglasses either! Morning sky is bright and you deffo don’t need that after a big night out with your friends so always keep a pair to hand - we need all the drama no matter what lecture.


There you have it! Now you can look effortlessly sleek every time you hit campus no matter how tired you really are. Get a few statement pieces in your wardrobe that you can style with a few different things so you can always quickly throw something together you’re guaranteed to suit. And just know - it’s perfectly fine to put on an old tracksuit with no makeup and sunglasses on. You do you, boo. 9am never looked so good on you!

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