Your Star Sign Wardrobe

If you’re as obsessed with star signs and horoscopes as we are at ISAW, then this blog is your new best friend. Each star sign has different personality traits, which means we’re all gonna dress different right? What a neon yellow mesh dress is to one person might be someone else’s absolute worst nightmare. So here is what I think your perfect outfit would be depending on your zodiac.

Gemini Personality ♊
Gemini’s are youthful with big personalities and love to be social and talkative, not to mention partying. You’ll definitely find that any Gemini has a solid group of friends and you can always find them trying to make plans to see their favourite people, but also can be really independent at the same time. They’re fiercely loyal to people and will defend them until the end. They always want to know the gossip and can be a bit of a weirdo at times. This definitely means their wardrobe has a combo of cute colours, casual styles and a slight fierce edge. Here’s what I suggest: think an all black outfit, but with some cute pink to reinforce cuteness. For bag, keep it coordinated but for accessories, do whatever you want!


Aries Personality ♈
Aries girls have a strong desire to lead and absolutely love to be number 1 always. Because of this, they’re straight to the point with what they want and uncomplicated in what they say. They’re so sure of themselves that they love spontaneity and focus all their energy on being optimistic, thorough and productive at all times. With this mentality, their wardrobe is sure to be mature, authoritative in some ways but also has a playful energy about it. I’m thinking a formal (yet-not-formal) outfit. A casual shirt with girly detailing, some mom jeans for comfort and some amazing heeled boots that mean business.


Taurus Personality ♉
Taurus gals are a mix between luxury and comfort. Although they love materialistic things, they can’t get enough of home comforts. They can be chill but sometimes too chill, chill enough that they forget about real life for a few seconds! Taurus’ are, however, very ambitious and strongly opinionated. Although they’re gentle, never ever doubt their abilities and what they’re about. One of their fave things to do is shop, so you already know their clothes follow the latest trends and won’t ever have anything that’s outdated - unless it’s cool vintage. Everything is fitted perfectly and their attention to detail is amazing. A Taurus wardrobe would look something like this. Adding a blazer makes any outfit look effortlessly chic, paired with some statement earrings and they’re ready to boss any occasion.


Cancer Personality ♋
Emotional, intense, intuitive and compassionate, Cancers are the ones people turn to when in need of help. They can definitely be trusted with secrets, they’ll take them to the grave. They have a keen eye for creativity, aesthetics and every last detail is important to them. Cancers definitely know how to have a good time, but can have some pretty bad mood swings! You can count on a Cancer to overdress for things, wanting to be the most sophisticated one in the room. Their wardrobe choices scream glam. When they find their signature style, nothing can stop them! Typical Cancer wardrobe: lots of going out dresses that accentuate their best features, paired with their fave cropped leather jacket. Throw on some gold accessories and they can easily light up a room. They know they’ve put effort in their outfit, and it definitely shows!


Leo Personality ♌
Leos are definitely the best in their squad. They love ruling, taking charge and organising. They give off an almost regal aura when they’re around other people and although this can easily be intimidating, they also have a loving personality that calms people instantly. If you have a Leo in your life, you absolutely adore them and they mean a lot. They’re self-confident, enthusiastic and sometimes a bit of a show off. Being so regal, they can pretty much get away with wearing anything and making it look acceptable - so go wild! A staple trench coat will never be wrong and make sure to add some animal print for that fiery personality.


Virgo Personality ♍
Virgo girls are the most organised and, for them, everything has to be neat. If you ever saw their office desk, you’d expect it to be dust free and have everything in its right place. This characteristic does however make them slight control freaks. They’re reliable and naturally very elegant. One unmistakable thing about Virgos is their fascination for fashion and material indulgences like food, drink and shopping. You’ll deffo find a Virgo at the nearest cocktail bar taking advantage of the 2-4-1 deal after a long day of shopping! It’s just what they do. They love to make outfits match and style them to perfection - so here’s what I think their wardrobe would look like: coordination at its finest! The croc boots add an extra element to this creamy wardrobe and everything is so on trend.


Libra Personality ♎
Libras are all about love. They love to love those around them who are important, as well as being loved themselves. They’re a huge fan of aesthetically pleasing things, looking for beauty in everything. They’re big on self indulgence and love treating themselves, whether that’s with new clothes, saving up for some expensive makeup or a weekend away with bae. Libras hate being alone, so go out their way to be social at all times. In terms of style, it’s all clean. Their attention to detail is unmissable and love taking inspiration from other things (but makes it her own). This outfit has serious business vibes with a girly edge. You don’t wanna mess with a Libra when she knows her outfit is on point.


Scorpio Personality ♏
Scorpios are grafters, they’re super career driven and they’re always learning and networking in some capacity. It can be said they’re dark and dangerous, quite intense and strategic in what they want. Scorpios are also emotional and creative people. Their wardrobe will probably consist of dark coloured clothes that they love to draw attention to. They like their clothes minimalistic and practical, but with some edge. An all black outfit exudes sexiness and intensity, and paired with some shiny accessories and detailed military boots is a must.


Sagittarius Personality ♐
This girl does not like boundaries and wants to live freely. They put a lot of energy into things so well that it’s easy to get on board with anything they say. They have a vision they like to focus on and are great at seeing the bigger picture with things. They’re generous, selfless, energetic and sometimes wild! They’re on a never ending pursuit for knowledge, including always finding new ways to look amazing. So what about the wardrobe? Well, purple is a lucky colour for Sagittarius, so maybe a purple accessory to round off an elegant yet comfy outfit?


Capricorn Personality ♑
Capricorns have ultra feminine appearances and love being girly. They’ve got flawless etiquette and can be weirdos at times. They keep their attitude straight with a serious do-or-die outlook on life. They can be resourceful, sarcastic and have a serious dry sense of humour. If you see a Capricorn, you’d immediately think: sophisticated business woman - 3 pieces suits and blazers in every colour. Pink + suit = a powerful woman. Here’s some inspo:


Aquarius Personality ♒
Aquarius girls are really into things and when I say things I mean art, tech and saving the planet! They’re humanitarians who are very analytical and independent. Once they make up their mind, there’s no changing it. They love bright colours like blue, turquoise, violet, and red being one of their signature colours. Annoyingly, they can pull off any look so love changing it up on the daily, wearing boho chic one day straight to sophisticated the next. This outfit you could never go wrong in, especially with matching accessories.


Pisces Personality ♓
Although Pisces are wild, it can get a bit ahead of them sometimes and they can get a bit out of the real world. They love partying and dancing (a little too much). Their style is lots of soft colours like pastels, feminine fits, lots of dresses, skirts and flirty looks. Being romantic, they love wearing clothes that show their sassiness, literally anything they wear they can pull off and have all eyes on them. This look would be perfect for a flirty first date or a day out with the girls.

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