Youtubers You Need to Binge Watch Right Now

No matter what you are doing; if you are getting ready, following tutorials, educating yourself, or using it as background noise, everyone needs a new YouTube channel to binge watch on a daily basis.

Sometimes, on YouTube, it can be hard to find good channels from new genres that you haven’t watched before. To save wasting precious viewing time, we are sharing with you our favourite YouTube channels, from 6 different genres: Crime, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Comedy and Vlogs (click the pictures to head straight to their channel)!


I know we are not alone when it comes to loving True Crime podcasts and YouTubers, there is nothing more satisfying than listening to in-depth mysteries and stories to make an hour feel like it goes by in minutes, and our top 3 YouTubers from this category will definitely do this.



If you’re an OG Bella Fiori subscribed you might know her for her beauty and lifestyle content, but recently we have been loving her for her True Crime videos which she uploads weekly. If you have a preference she has playlists of her solved cases, unsolved cases, serial killers and conspiracy theories.



Kendall Rae releases frequent crime videos throughout the week, and as of January she has begun releasing ‘vlogumentary’, a true crime series which consists of 2 one hour long episodes.

And if watching her videos isn’t enough for you, Kendall also covers true crime and conspiracy theories with her husband, Josh Thomas, on the Mile Higher Podcast, which we love!



If you don’t know Eleanor Neale, and you love True Crime, then you need to get to know! Up until recently, Eleanors channel consisted of everything from crime and mystery videos to make up tutorials and vlogs, talk about versatile?

But now, almost every video is an in depth look into some of the most interesting cases of all time, so we are pretty sure you will never run out of things to watch.


All of the OG YouTube watchers started off by watching beauty videos, right? Watching 102 girls use the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette or show me how to do ‘the perfect messy bun’ was one of my favourite hobbies.

While I may have now widened the videos I watch now, Beauty Vloggers are still everyone’s go to.



If you watch beauty videos on Youtube you have heard of Jamie Genevieve - not only is she hair, tattoos and face goals, but she creates amazing and in depth tutorials for every look under the sun (I’m talking skull halloween makeup to bridal tutorials).

To top it all off she keeps everything very real, as she will openly talk about her cosmetic surgery, give us an insight into her life through weekly vlogs, and even shows us her wedding day.



Jordan Lipscombe is the Queen of badass makeup looks, and when she does them she makes them fun. Lots of her videos are made into challenges such as ‘say it of shot it’ and ‘answering your taboo questions - watching killer makeup tutorials while finding out the tea… what's not to love?



When you are watching Rachel Leary, you feel like you’re watching your bff - her videos feel authentic and real, as she isn’t afraid to talk to her subscribers about anything.

Rachel will show you how to recreate all the viral beauty trends and is the queen of the perfect bronzy looks!


Instagram isn’t the only platform you have to turn to when you are looking for fashion and styling inspiration. Youtube is amazing for hauls, exclusive discount clothes and look books, especially when you are shopping for a specific occasion.



Some of you may remember Samantha Maria’s channel as BeautyCrush, and much like her channel back then, Samantha posts all type of content from clothing hauls, styling videos, wardrobe tours and personal shopping experiences, so you have plenty to watch!

Not only is her minimalist and scandi style something to admire, but the personal and authentic feel to her videos, along with careful editing, make Samantha Maria one of our go to’s!



There is nothing I love better than sitting in bed, no makeup on and in my PJ’s, watching my fave YouTubers get ready for a night out. For this, Lidia Baylis-Zullo is my number 1 - amongst her vlogs and hauls, Lidia posts amazing content if you need inspiration for your next night out.

From party outfit ideas, to GRWM’s with her and her friend, every video feels like you’re with your girlfriends getting ready for a night out… even when we couldn’t look further from being ready!



If you are ever looking to buy a new product or brand, Flossie will do all the tests for you, as well as creating fashion and beauty content, she also creates many funny and in depth videos to try out things for us.

From new ranges of tan, testing shapewear and expensive luxury brands, Flossie will not only help you decide whether you want to buy and try, but she also will make you laugh during the process!


Youtube is our favourite platform when it comes to comedy, there are endless videos of challenges, pranks, makeup fails, you name it! So, if you ever need a pick me up, head over to these channels and watch some of their content!



Olivia Neill is fairly new to YouTube, but her content made her channel grow extremely fast! She creates chaotic vlogs about her everyday life, which always include hilarious meme references and TikTok dances… the perfect combination.



Although Lewys falls under the beauty section of YouTube, his sense of humour is the reason we love him. Even if you go to his channel to see how to recreate the perfect everyday makeup look you will end up laughing at his jokes more than concentrating on his expert techniques.

After that you will stuck in a binge watching session of every video he has created since 2014.



You all knew it was coming, Emma Chamberlain has quickly made a name for being one of the funniest people on YouTube. Her clever editing which involves zooming, funny captions and pausing to point out the best parts, paired with her amazing idgaf attitude makes her videos so easy to watch.

 I mean, how can someone who models from Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Louis Vuitton still be so relatable?


There is something so satisfying about watching someone else go about their daily routine, and with the wide range of Youtubers and Influencers now, that can range from creating their own brand and attending fashion shows to lying in bed all day and editing. No matter what it is, watching everyone's daily vlogs religiously is a guilty pleasure we all have!



Sophia and Cinzia make every video imaginable (GRWM’s, attempting DIY, challenges, mukbangs) but our favourites are their vlogs where they show us pretty much every aspect of both of their lives in an entertaining 30-60 minute video.

If you are ever struggling for something to watch, you need to head over to their channel - every video feels like you’re sat listening to your best-friends gossip, and their advice is 10/10!



Olivia Grace lives the life we all wanted to live when we were 18! She posts vlogs hanging out with her friends in Paris, on holiday with her boyfriend, at amazing PR events and premieres, and thrift shopping in london!

To top it all off her personal style and instagram photos make her stand out from the rest, as she kills the perfect thrifted, Y2K aesthetic that I could only dream of!



Gabriella is one of our favourite vloggers because of how real she is, over recent years she has opened up to her subscribers about mental health, body image and feeling lonely, all while managing to put a smile on our faces. So, if you are looking to watch some real and authentic content that makes you feel good then you need to watch Gabriella’s vlogs


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