Leggings ( styles)

If you’re wanting to make a bangin’ style statement or looking to get in your comfort zone, leggings are where it’s at. Whether it’s patterned or plain, floral or striped, statement or subtle, no girl in the know would be without a pair in her wardrobe. Leather look leggings, or faux leather leggings, are an absolute staple for nights out and bar crawls. Super stylish and comfortable, they add a touch of sexiness to any outfit. Leather leggings look amazing with some chunky boots (trust us) or with crisp white trainers, so whatever the dress code you know you're sorted. If you're going for a more chilled vibe or running some Sunday errands, then obvi you need some lounge leggings. Soft and comfortable, lounge leggings and an oversized tee or your fav puffer jacket were practically made for picking up your bread and milk or a chill coffee shop. Whatever you're looking for in your leggings, we got you boo!

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