Smock Dresses ( styles)

If you haven't bought 5 already, let us introduce you to the smock dress. But, hold on, what is a smock dress? It's basically a dress made of fabric that is stitched into tiers, giving it plenty of movement and flow. This floaty and feminine style is a wardrobe essential and the perfect piece to dress up or down. Why not try one of our cute tiered smock dresses perfect for an afternoon tea or one of our midi smock dresses for the ideal date night vibe. The beauty of a smock dress is that you can wear it structured or floaty, depending on your mood. This makes one style great for days out, drinks, and picnics, and the other suited nicely to work, meetings, and dinner plans. If you're not sure how to style a smock dress, don't worry. Pair it with some chunky boots or some crisp clean traners, and you're pretty much set. For a structured look, like a white or black smock dress, cinch it in with a belt. For a loose and floaty vibe, just let it all hang. Shop our collection of Smock dresses here.

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