Straight Leg Jeans ( styles)

In case you missed it, straight leg jeans are having a real moment right now. At the intersection of 90s grunge and nonchalant cool girl culture, straight leg jeans are the latest denim resurgence we're more than onboard with. Straight leg jeans are incredibly flattering on all body types: they help accentuate your waist, don't cling to your body, and elongate your legs, so whether you've got curves and swerves, are a broad-shouldered bombshell, or have a more athletic figure, you're going to look great. Go for high-rise and pair with a cropped jumper or knitted vest, or bare your midriff with a cute crop top and mid-rise. We, personally, think you should grab a pair in every colour... But maybe that's just us. Shop cream, blue, and black straight leg jeans with I Saw It First!
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