Varsity ( styles)

It’s official. You made the team and now you need the outfits - it’s training time with our varsity sweatshirts. Whether you’re hanging out on the bleachers or you’re a verified track star… say hello to the varsity wardrobe of dreams. We’re talking timeless varsity style with a modern twist. As well as those high school staples of letterman jackets and baseball hats we’ve curated a collection full of slogan sweats, comfy tracksuits and rugby shirts. A varsity sweater is the newest yet oldest trend to hit streetwear, because it’s bringing 90s and 00s vibes right back to the front of high-street fashion. A pair of cycling shorts and an oversized varsity sweatshirt is a tried and tested look that has never and will never go out of style, we can almost guarantee it. Shop the Varsity Collection with I Saw It First and pair with our new trainers and add the finishing touch and find a matching cap!

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