We all may have said a parting farewell to our social lives (well, every night between 9-10pm) but that doesn't mean we have to mug off our wardrobes! In fact, it's even more reason to keep up to date with what's hot, and what's not. Here at ISAWITFIRST we aren't just keeping a close eye on who's cracking on in the villa, but also what everyone’s wearing - and we want to keep you up-to-date with the hottest outfits, the trending contestants and every single on-trend ensemble.

The ladies in the villa this year are smokin’ hot, with brains and beauty to give us some serious #inspo, so just who’s wearing what? We have put together a most-loved looks list, which is updated weekly, so you can get a slice of the action.


We have taken the items which are the current favourites and have racked up the most interest since being sauntered around the villa. Below, you can see, in order, who rocked the most-desired looks and even purchase the outfit for yourself! You’ll be summer-ready in no time. 🕶

Have you seen an outfit on the show and thought 'that's 100% my type? Well, below you can find a list of every Love Island contestant and their outfit that has been viewed the most. Put all your clothes in one basket with this ultimate list of every islander’s hottest outfit. Buzzin! 🤳


All of the information displayed is using data directly from ISAWITFIRST and their Love Island Collection*.

Top 5 Hottest Outfits - These items are the ‘most viewed’ of the entire Love Island ISAWITFIRST collection. The data is pulled from web visits and the amount of traffic to the particular item. The outfits are displayed in the order of the number of views.

Every Love Islander’s Hottest Outfit - Using the ISAWITFIRST official Love Island collection, the item/outfit for each contestant is the one which has had the most views on their pages. The contestants are displayed in alphabetical order.

*Please note that every section of this page will be updated as the views change within a weekly timeframe.

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